How to earn money and travel if you do not have professional experience

Training Candidates

Professional training gives you the opportunity to stay competitive and increase your chances of getting a job.
Only by investing in your education you can easily overcome any challenge.
Acquiring new skills gives you added value in your work, greater chances to evolve in your career and last but not least to have more opportunities taking into account the current economic conditions.

About will and courage

How did many candidates managed to work on cruise ships?

Anca and Laurentiu, two young people who recently completed their studies at the Faculty of Law, sent their CVs to us for a job on cruise ships. Obviously, after analysing the CV, finding that they have no professional experience, they were not invited to a pre-selection interview. They both came to our headquarters, asking us to give them a chance, to go together on a cruise ship.
It was difficult for us to accept this because the main selection criterion for participating in an

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Who are we addressing

Those who want a job on cruise ships

Those who do not have previous experience in Hospitality (Hotels-Restaurants-Catering) and / or qualification in the field but want a job on a cruise ship

To those who want to work in Hospitality

Those without experience in the field of Hospitality (Hotels-Restaurants-Catering) but want to accumulate knowledge and / or later a job in this field

To those who want to get a promotion

Those who work in the field of Hospitality (Hotels-Restaurants-Catering) but want to improve their professional level in order to get better performance at the current job or a better job

get better performance at the current job or a job better

Those interested in getting qualification

Those who do not have qualification or experience in the field of Hospitality (Hotels-Restaurants-Catering) and are interested in professional conversion and then, based on knowledge and skills acquired in other ways than formal, to obtain a Certificate of Professional Competence in the profession he opted for

How we created these Trainings

Based on our over 25 years of experience in recruiting personnel for the cruise ship industry we have collected valuable information and materials to share with you in order to improve the value of customer service and implement the concept of “Customer Care”, both important in the Hospitality IndustryHoReCa (Hotels-Restaurants-Catering)Cruise Ships.
Our trainers are people who have worked for many years on cruise ships and with a lot of passion and dedication are willing to share to you their experience and knowledge gained in an authentic way.

What are our Trainings

Taking into account the requirements of our partners to recruit a large number for certain positions to work on board cruise ships and also the multitude of applicants who need to improve their professional knowledge and skills, we have created training modules that can be carried out depending on the interest of the registered applicants.

Restaurant Training

About Training: If you are passionate about working as a Waiter, you have the opportunity to learn how to serve in 5-star hotels-restaurants or on a cruise ships. You will learn how to adapt to different restaurant styles and serving methods. We will practice together, as a standard, specific case studies on board cruise ships.
Training Structure: About the work environment | Serving techniques | Label / Language | Special techniques | International product terminology | Examples of international menus | Personal care and uniform | Example of Mis-en-place | How to handle certain situations

Bar Training

About Training: Being a bartender means much more than filling glasses with drinks or opening beer bottles for customers. You will find that it can be an interesting and profitable job, but it is not suitable for everyone, considering that you will also work at strange hours (during the night) and you will have to deal with rude and intoxicated clients and juggle several different tasks, simultaneous.
Training Structure: Organising space and resources in the bar | Type of glasses | Performance Improvement Ideas | Serving techniques | Ways to sell

Wines Training

About Training: If you are passionate about wines, you will learn basic knowledge for recommending, presenting and serving wines and also getting acquainted with international wines served on board cruise ships. You will also learn how to recognise a good wine, why the shape of the glass is important and what blind tasting means.
Training Structure: Wine Classification | The main grapes varieties | Culinary associations | Serving techniques | Ways to sell | Examples of Romanian and International wines | Organising a wine tasting Examples of Romanian and International wines | Organising a wine tasting

Sales Training

About Training: You will improve your communication and relationship skills with clients and colleagues. You will practice teamwork. You will learn to apply, in your daily activity, the techniques of consultative and persuasive sales. You will learn about increasing motivation and sales results.
Training Structure: Customer Identification | Face-to-face sale | Resolving objections | Sales completion techniques | Negotiation methods Sales planning and monitoring | Identifying possible obstacles and finding solutions

Housekeeping Training

About Training: You will learn about the basic attitude of the chambermaid, to be patient, attentive to details, punctual but also discreet. You will understand that the success of this profession consists in involvement and dedication as well as in happiness. We show you all the steps of the cleaning process in a hotel room.
Training Structure: Customer Interaction | Anticipating customer requirements | Compliance with cleaning and maintenance procedures | Professional, verbal and written communication

What benefits do you get

You will learn the secrets of the constantly required trades in the field of Hospitality (Hotels-Restaurants-Catering)  – Assistant Waiter, Bartender/Bar Waiter, Sommelier, Sales Advisor, Housekeeping and others
You will know how to interact with customers by finding out the secrets of hospitality in tourism
You will be able to get a job in the HoReCa field more easily

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What will you know at the end of the Training

What qualities does the employer look for in a candidate To focus on the client To establish a relationship with the client
To “read” the man, so that you can delight him
To give the client the feeling that he is the most important man in the world
To be loyal to him, causing him to return to the location and recommend it to his acquaintances

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The benefits of a job onboard a cruise ship

We are sure that you are among the millions of people who want to work in a professional environment, to be appreciated for their work, to have income that will ensure a quiet life and especially to build a professional career.
One of the professional work environments is onboard a cruise ship. In addition to earning money, at the same time you have the opportunity to travel, to visit different exotic destinations, to make friends with people of different nationalities and cultures.
Of course, it is not within the reach of anyone to get a job on cruise ships. It is not enough to speak English and not even have some experience in a similar position in Romania.
On cruise ships, everything is different. Mindset, attitude, determination and will are some of the strengths / secrets of those who have been successful in their careers on cruise ships.

Choose the Training that suits you

Restaurant, Bar, Wines, Sales, Housekeeping


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