The Manager’s Speech

In 1994 we started an ambitious project that was just a beautiful dream in the beginning. Fortunately, our passion, work and perseverance have enabled us to grow and improve every day. So today, Job Selection exemplifies a strong brand, recognized at national and international levels.

With 25 years in the labor market, particularly in the hospitality and cruise ship industries, we strive to source, advise, and prepare candidates to work in the right jobs within professional environments at international standards with competitive wages. At Job Selection, we work diligently to satisfy our candidates’ career aspirations.

Why? Because when we say Job Selection, we say:
Professionalism: Recognized by the employers who give us their trust.
Team: Because we listen, we communicate effectively so we will learn from others in order to strengthen our collaboration.
Honesty: Because we are transparent and direct so we will win and deserve respect from all our collaborators.
Innovation: Because daily, we listen to the people so we may grow with improved opportunities. We anticipate their needs and respond to them by creating something to meet and exceed their expectations.

This year we celebrate 25 years since the beginning of our business, 25 years of achievements, challenges, and accumulated experiences. We remain proud of the 25 years of interpersonal relationships created within the team, our collaborators and most importantly with our applicants. We’ve changed people’s lives, those who believed and trusted us. And with their help we grew too. In other words, while improving lives, we also evolved our business into a steadfast, professional model. In many ways, we revel in the mutually beneficial relationship Job Selection has created.

Our collaborators and tens of thousands of applicants are the reasons that we have become and remain strong. Those who have chosen our services have helped us and are helping us continuously to be the best. For Job Selection, satisfied customers will always exemplify our greatest achievement.

The appreciation, trust, and loyalty of all our collaborators and applicants honor, compel, and help us simultaneously. For all of this and much more, Job Selection only has two words: THANK YOU!

We wish to thank all who continue to trust us and to choose our services. We revel in watching you speedily reach the goals you have set for yourselves, to obtain the best jobs, to make careers, and to not forget that we are here to support you whenever you need it!

After all, the most important resource is you!

We value you!

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