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Staff Leasing

Staff Leasing is the ideal solution for outsourcing human resources management.
Benefit quickly from the workforce Optimise recruitment costs Eliminate the entire staff administration and payroll process Reduce the workload associated with the human resources department

Company | User

The User is the company with whom the Temporary Work Agent / Leasing Company signs a Service / Provision Contract for optimising the operational costs of existing employees, supplementing human resources for new projects or replacing employees for a certain period.

Staffing Company

It is a company authorized as a Temporary Work Agent, which deals with taking over the employees of a company that intends to outsource human resources management and with hiring temporary labor for Companies / Users whose business has grown unexpectedly, have seasonal projects or want outsourcing the personnel administration process.

Temporary Employee

The Temporary Employee is a person employed by the Leasing Company / Temporary Work Agent who performs work at the Company / User, for a determined duration, in order to fulfills the tasks of the position for which he is employed or of certain precise tasks of a temporary nature.

How Staff Leasing works

When you should use Staff Leasing

Our services are flexible, adapted and customised for your organisation, so you can optimise your staff costs and increase the quality of your human resources. Staff Leasing is ideal if:
You want us to take over your staff administration and payroll
You want to rent labor for temporary or seasonal activities or works,

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Advantages of Staff Leasing

Optimising the time and all resources
Elimination of the entire staff administration and payroll process
Advantageous direction of the expenses allocated to the hiring of the leasing personnel towards the budget for services
Reducing the responsibility of employment for an unlimited period

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Services integrated in Staff Leasing





Temporary Leasing








Staff Leasing





Leasing Modern Recruitment Method

Personnel leasing is one of the recruitment methods that offers companies the opportunity to reduce staff costs and attract, at the same time, candidates with the necessary level of qualification. The recruitment of

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Personnel Administration

We take over by Staff Leasing and manage the employees on our payroll, we hire temporary staff for conjunctural or emergency situations and we assume the role of employer on behalf of your company. We participate in the reduction of the workload associated

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When your employees become our employees or when you temporarily hire staff recruited by us, you significantly reduce your costs related to payroll services. We take care of all the processes: calculations, preparation and generation of forms / declarations, highlights

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Obtaining A1 Form for Detachment

We obtain the A1 form for the secondment of our employees to companies in the U.E. This document is mandatory because it certifies the affiliation of our employee, seconded to another EU member state, to the social insurance system in Romania.

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What should you do?

Whether you want to take over your employees or hire additional labor, in order to benefit from the advantages of Leasing Staff you must provide us, for starters, the following information:
Number of employees / persons
Positions and required qualification / position
Job description / file
Remuneration / post
Working hours (full or part time)
Special conditions / requirements (if applicable)
Place of mission / employment
Estimated contract period

Optimize your operating costs!

Either you want to transfer your employees, or to hire temporary labor for certain projects, the employees will be on our payroll and we will take care of all the personnel administration and salary formalities.

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