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You take care of the business. We take care of you.

We are aware that in any business, time means money and you can make money with the right people in the right places. Today, companies are finding it harder and harder to find the right people by investing a lot of time and money to find them. And the result is not always as expected.

Who we are?

We are a professional recruitment services company focused on recruiting the right people for all your company’s needs: the professional ones, specialised recruitment, staffing.

We use our database, specialised sites, networks and extensive professional relationships to provide the quality people you are looking for while you and your company save time, money and energy.

What are our services?

The recruitment and hiring process is difficult and expensive in terms of time allocated and most of the time employers do not have the necessary resources to go through all the applications and take all the interviews.

The Job Selection team will manage the recruitment and selection process for you and will present only the best people for the needs of your business.

The recruitment process is not an easy one, its success consisting in going through some essential stages as follows:

• Defining / achieving the professional profile of the ideal candidate;
• Integrating the profile in the organisational culture of the company;
• Designing the employment announcement and establishing the recruitment channels;
• Identifying potential candidates through our own search methods;
• Selection and evaluation of CVs;
• Scheduling the interview;
• Competence assessment (personality and aptitude test);
• Elaboration of the list with the most suitable candidates;
• Short list interview and organisation of final interviews;
• Making the final decision and negative feedback to the candidates who did not qualify;
• Signing the job offer;

Each of these steps is crucial to help you find skilled and qualified employees. But the most important part of our process is finding the right person who fits the job and organisational culture of your company.

Why use our services?

Do you know how much time you lose to hire a person?

Hiring costs both time and money. In fact, more than you realize. Take a look at the time involved to hire just one new employee:

Posting a job ad on a specialised site

1 hour 20 minutes 

It is the average time required to design an ad for a job and post it on a specialised site. Our experience and studies show that for a single job ad, an average of 250 applications are received. Think about what it would mean to post more job positions and more specialised sites, how many applications you will receive and which you will have to analyse!

Reviewing CVs and applications
20 hours

Recent reports and studies show that recruiters spend only 6 seconds examining each resume. That means 25 minutes for the first 250 applicants, but if you’re more generous, you could spend up to 5 minutes on your resume – that is, over 20 hours! And this if you put the ad only on one specialised site!

Candidates prescreening
2 hours

It can take up to 2 hours to pre-select a number of eight candidates on the phone!

Interview preparation
1 hour 30 minutes

This stage includes scheduling interviews and preparing questions for six candidates. An average time of 1 hour and 30 minutes is allocated for this stage!

Interview and conclusion of the selection process
8 hours

Activities include the initial interview, testing, reference checks, final interviews, contacting other applicants and making the job offer for which it can take up to 8 hours!

Total time for placing one employee
32 hours 50 minutes

This time can vary from a minimum of 30 hours to 100 hours for placement / employment for a single position! As you can see, recruiting requires time, money and, last but not least, experience.

So leave the whole thing to us. Job Selection recruiters can reduce the time required for your staff and ensure that they bring the right person to your team. We are your “lawyer” on the labor market and we will help you attract the best people. Breathe easier, knowing that you have the best partner with you and your business.

You take care of the business. We take care of you.

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