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Outplacement Services

Business Restructuring, Staff Resizing, Company Reorganisation, Merger or Division of a Company.
These are just some of the many reasons why on the labor market, there may be situations in which the employer ends up having to lay off a group of employees.

The Outplacement Career Transition

Whatever is called and whatever is the reason, losing a job is a painful, emotional and often devastating experience. For an employee, losing a job does not mean losing only an income, but losing an identity and a community of colleagues. Caring for the next step can overwhelm him.
Losing employees is also an unpleasant experience for managers. However, you can take action to make the layoffs to be a positive experience as much as possible. The termination of the contract in an amicable and professional manner should always include The Outplacement Services to help employees take a step forward in the next chapter of their career.

What is The Outplacement

The Outplacement is a service that is addressed to companies and of that benefits the employees that will be laid off.
The main objective is to assist people affected by dismissal, making their new professional situation less traumatic, and, indirectly, their private lives, thus providing them assistance in finding new jobs.
It’s not just about finding a new job for the affected person. This type of service also responds to the need to direct candidates to those positions and companies that are in line with their profile. We are thus witnessing a true professional reorientation.

Why Choose Us

We are objective, we offer confidentiality and have the necessary expertise.
We are customer-oriented, results-oriented and work principles and professional ethics.
We have a wide range of job offers, for over 25 years being in partnership with companies from various fields of activity for which we offer recruitment services.
In career counseling services, we use specific personality and skills

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Company Benefits

The Outplacement is ideal for your company image and employees
You send the right message about caring for human capital
It protects your image, reputation and brand as an employer
You solve the situation imposed by the market in a professional way
You avoid a labor dispute

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Employees Dismissed Benefits

The positive effects of The Outplacement for your employees
They receive support (especially from a psychological point of view) in a difficult period
They receive professional career consulting
High success rate and shorter job search

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Together We Carry out the Outplacement Process

Stages of the Outplacement Process
Establishing by the beneficiary company, the objectives of the outplacement process and the available resources, as an integral part of the restructuring strategy.
Process preparation – we seek to understand the context of the restructuring process and analyze the labor market and employment opportunities in the area of ​​the beneficiary’s company.
Evaluation of employees to be affected by dismissal / restructuring in order to identify skills, abilities, competencies, by using specific questionnaires or the interview.
Employee counseling – we start from the results of the evaluation, correlated with the context of the labor market and the existing opportunities and we

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The Outplacement is Good for your Business!

Create employee safety and turn them into “the ambassadors” of your company’s brand.

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