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Human Resources Processes

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Recruitment and selection

The hiring process involves choosing the right people, with the right skills and competencies and assigning them to the appropriate positions. Identifying the right people for your team can be a difficult process. It should be borne in mind that skills can always be developed, but character and attitude are much more difficult to change, so it is recommended to place employees in positions compatible with their personality, abilities and interests.

Leadership and performance

Capitalising the strengths, interests and talents of the employees is the most appropriate method for the company continuous development. By aligning talent management with the goals and strategies of the organisation, you will be able to develop the talents within the company to their full potential. The results will improve considerably, and the employees will become much more productive and motivated.                                     

Sales and customer relations

It is estimated that the training of a sales representative costs approximately € 30,000 and over 7 months of training. It is essential to choose the most suitable people in the development of the company and, at the same time, to have a positive impact on the profit of the organisation. With the right tools, increasing productivity, reducing sales mistakes and increasing job satisfaction are clear and safe ways to maximise results and reduce resources.

Team dynamics

Imagine the situation in which the best people in your company deal with solving a problem. If they cannot collaborate effectively, the company’s chances of achieving its goals decrease considerably. The dynamics of the team implies everything that means the relationship between its members and their respective personalities. Effective team interactions are essential for the work to be carried out as efficiently as possible at all levels and have a visible impact in any work environment.

Employees involvement and retention

A successful long-term strategy is based on increasing the level of employee involvement and retention. People with a high level of involvement feel satisfied to use their skills and aptitudes to achieve the objectives identifiable with those of the employer. These employees tend to be proactive, receptive and are able to empathise with the rest of the team. At the same time, they will do their best to benefit the organisation because they feel responsible for the result of their work and truly appreciated for their contributions.

Wellbeing @ work

For too long, the concept of wellbeing @ work has been underestimated. Not only does it make employees feel happier and more motivated in their roles, but it also allows them to achieve higher levels of performance. Simply put, a happy person is more likely to get creative and get fully engaged in the job. Increasing well-being is largely a matter of matching the skills and personality of people with the tasks they perform on a daily basis.                                                                                                                                                                                                      

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