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Human Resources Assessment

We deal with Talent Management, namely the performance and the potential.
We measure the potential to predict performance and we present the most effective ways to achieve it, including the optimal development solution that includes all the essential aspects.

Who are we addressing

Entrepreneurs | Psychologists
Top and Middle Management | CEO • CFO • Sales Directors • Marketing Directors • Human Resources Managers
Specialists in | Recruitment • Development • Evaluation • Diagnosis • Vocational Training • Training

145 Assessment dimensions

Communication • Leadership • Flexibility • Organisational Relations • Process Management • Performance • Coaching • Personal Development • Business Strategy • Teamwork • Openness to Change • Responsibility • Commitment

Human Resources Processes

• Recruitment and Selection
• Leadership and Performance
• Sales and Customer Relations
• Team Dynamics
• Employee Involvement and Retention
• Wellbeing @ Work

Assessment Solutions Advantages

Create your own assessments • Free access to the platform • Based on scientific researches • Take informed decisions • Available in 15 foreign languages • Customisation Possibility

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Human Resources Processes

Recruitment and Selection • Leadership and Performance • Sales and Customer Relations • Team Dynamics • Employee Involvement and Retention • Wellbeing @ Work

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Assessment Solutions 

GR8 360° • GR8 Remote Employee/Team/Manager • GR8 Full Spectrum/Plus • GR8 Blue Collars • GR8 Big 5 Behaviour • GR8 Cognitive/Plus • GR8 Managers • GR8 Sales • GR8 Customer Service • GR8 Teams • GR8 Interests • GR8 Productivity Gap • GR8 GR8 Engagement • GR8 Wellbeing @work

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Benefits Obtained

Hiring the Right People • Optimising Performance • Increasing Sales • Improving Team Dynamics • Increasing the Level of Engagement • Optimising Occupational Well-Being

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Stages of the Evaluation Process

Defining Important Competencies • Creating Assessment Tools • Assessing Human Resources • Implementing Development Suggestions

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“Great People Inside – Job Selection Expertise”

We provide solutions for evaluating human resources with tools fully customisable and adaptable to the specifics of your organisation and each job.
We offer to companies the opportunity to reach their true potential by providing complete state-of-the-art occupational assessment solutions, available through the most advanced and innovative online assessment platform and employees development.
We offer complete evaluation solutions, simple to use in all human resources processes, starting with attracting and selecting candidates to the development, integration and retention of the employees.
We develop staff evaluations and talent management solutions to increase the performance of employees and their managers as well as to increase the work productivity.
We offer complete occupational assessment solutions, targeting all stages of the talent management, from selection and recruitment to training, coaching and  management performance.
Our assessments are designed based on behavioural sciences and are continuously validated by teams of specialists, doctors in psychometrics, work psychology and industrial-organisational.
We help our clients to gain an important competitive advantage by analysing the way that people think, their natural preferences and tendencies, key skills and attitudes at work.

Measured dimensions

Predefined solutions

Foreign languages



Whether you want to hire or maximize the potential of an employee or the entire team, the detailed reports provide to your organisation an essential tool for progress. These tools can be used independently or can be integrated into other existing systems to optimise your organisation’s human resources. 

Take advantage from our expertise

The key to success for an organisation performance is human resources.
We help you to create and customise your own assessments and questionnaires.


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