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1. Why choose a job on a cruise ship?

There are many people considering that travelling and getting paid for equal the ideal job.

If you seek such a job, which offers you the opportunity to travel the world, to see places that you have dreamt to reach, to get to know people of different cultures and nationalities, to have wonderful experiences, but also earn money…

  • You will earn a good salary;
  • You will have your meals and accommodation provided;
  • You will travel and you will be able to admire the beauties of several countries during the entire trip. While you will spend most of your time on board, you will be able to explore the vicinities of the ports of call;
  • You will work in a multicultural environment and you will meet people from tens of different countries;
  • You will develop your communication, socialisation, and professional skills;
  • You will exit your comfort area and will get accustomed to a dynamic life style;
  • You have the opportunity to build yourself a professional career, in a 5-star work environment.

2. Is it difficult to get a job on a cruise ship?

Getting a job on a cruise ship depends on your previous professional training in the field of the job you apply for, but also on your English skills and on your attitude at the interview. There is a series of criteria pursued at the preselection interview. Your advantage – if you apply through Job Selection – is that you will receive all the necessary training before scheduling an interview with the employer, in order to be successful at the actual interview.

3. Which are the general requirements of the cruise ship companies?

  • Age: minimum 18 years old;
  • English language conversational skills;
  • Another European language known is an advantage: French, Italian, German, Spanish;
  • Previous professional experience and/or skills in the position applied for;
  • Previous experience on cruise ships is an advantage;
  • Positive attitude, customer relations and communication skills, enthusiastic, willing to experience and evolve in all aspects – on a personal and professional level.

4. How do I get a job on a cruise ship?

After applying for one of the jobs, you will go through the following selection stages:


It will be conducted by Job Selection representatives on Skype or at one of our registered addresses in Brasov or Bucharest. Studies, professional experience for the position applied for, skills and knowledge for the position applied for, English language skills, attitude, performance during the interview will be assessed. The applicants who meet the preselection criteria will receive all the information related to employment conditions, to work conditions, and to life on board prior to the interview with the employer’s representative.


Provided both to those without a relevant experience in the field, but sufficient knowledge, enthusiasm, and will to learn, and to those who wish to increase their chances at an interview for the vacant positions on board cruise ships.

The training modules are especially adapted for a successful interview stage:



Includes an interview at the registered address of Job Selection or a Skype interview with a representative of the employer. Following the interview, the applicants who are accepted are trained by Job Selection personnel in view of boarding.

5. What salary will I have?

The salaries for the jobs on board cruise ships differ from one company to another and from one position to another. Upon preselection, you will receive the information related to the salary/income linked to the position that you have applied for.

6. Which will the working schedule be?

Generally, cruise ship jobs mean a 7/days/week working schedule, at least 10 hours/day. The number of working hours/day will also depend on the type of the job chosen and on the activity schedule on the ship.

7. Are there additional taxes related to the employment process?

Although Job Selection does not perceive any taxes or commissions for the candidate selection and placement services, following the acceptance and the start of the employment process, there is a series of costs to be covered by you (some of them will be returned by the employer):




  • Medical analyses: 1400-1600 RON depending on the company and on the clinic
  • C1/D Visa: 160 $ (returned on board)
  • One-way plane ticket
  • Travel package: 60$ – only for certain categories, namely: Assistant Waiter, Bartender-Waiter;
  • aid for a night at the hotel prior to boarding, airport-hotel transfer, and subsequently hotel-port of call transfer). Not applied to those reaching the port of call on the boarding day.


  • Medical analyses: 1400-1600 RON depending on the clinic
  • One-way plane ticket
  • I.M.O – STCW’95 Certificates
  • Seaman’s Record Book



  • Medical analyses: 785 RON (returned on board)
  • C1/D Visa: 160 $ (returned on board)


  • BST Certificate: 1550 RON
  • SSD Certificate: 413 RON
  • Medical analyses (including ‘Preventiva’ form, specific to Costa Crociere) : 450 – 700 RON – depending on the clinic

STARBOARD CRUISE SERVICES, Inc. – la bordul companiilor americane de croaziera

STARBOARD CRUISE SERVICES, Inc. – la bordul companiilor europene de croaziera

  • BST Certificate: 1550 RON
  • SSD Certificate: 413 RON
  • CBP Certificate: 535 RON (only for Iberocruceros)
  • Medical analyses (including ‘Preventiva’) : 450 – 700 RON – depending on the clinic
  • Plane ticket


  • Medical analyses: 650 RON


  • BST Certificate: 1550 RON
  • SSD Certificate: 413 RON
  • Medical analyses: 700 – 900 RON – depending on the clinic

8. Do I get medical treatment in case of need?

Yes. Prior to boarding, you will perform a full medical check with an authorised medical centre. If – following this check – it is found that you do not meet the conditions required by the employers, you will be removed from the waiting list for a boarding date.

During the labour contract, you will be provided an adequate medical training in case of need. In case of an emergency, Job Selection will make all the efforts needed for assistance or repatriation. Any unexpected or important situation will be notified to the family (accidents, flight delays, contract extension, etc.).

9. Can I seek reemployment on a ship if I have been previously employed on one?

Yes. Job Selection provides a series of additional services, namely: C1-D USA visa application, reemployment requests after an interruption period longer than 6 months, reemployment medical check scheduling, plane ticket booking and purchase at seamen rates.

10. Can I apply for a cruise ship job if I do not have the qualification or experience in a certain field?

Job Selection provides training modules adapted for several job types on board. These are accessible only to the candidates speaking English at a conversational level, holding positive attitudes, a strong personality, hospitality and customer relation skills, proving competences and the will to learn in a relatively short period of time.

11. How much does it take until boarding after passing the interview stage with the employer representative?

The boarding dates are usually nominally communicated by the cruise companies, depending on previous availabilities and bookings. Job Selection will make sure that those selected get boarded as soon as possible. You should however be aware of the fact that all cruise companies hold reserve personnel in order not to face issues caused by the lack of personnel. At the same time, those already working on board may return from their leaves according to the schedule or may quit, while those having had a few months’ break may request to return on board.

We advise you to be patient, not to quit your current position (if you are employed during the application/interview/waiting time) and to wait for us to communicate your boarding date.

The waiting time from the interview to the actual boarding usually takes 3 to 6 months. Based on reasons strictly linked to the operational department on board of each ship, this period may be longer or shorter.


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