Customer Care Training

We know that the best learning process helps to achieve tangible progress for both participants and companies.
That’s why we chose to create the trainings according to the “Participant-Centered, Results-Based” principle.
From our experience, we have learned that in order to get the best results we need to focus on the needs, desires, fears, problems and traits of the participants.
If most of the trainings in the market focus on the transmission and communication of information, we have chosen
Training and Transformation of Participants.
In our vision, the transformation of the participants means the creation of changes in the attitude of the participants so that they can reproduce the learned behaviors with fewer errors, higher speed and in more demanding conditions.
We aim for the participants to act and obtain results.

Why Choose this Training

Our experience and practice recommend us for the Customer Care Training aimed at improving the quality of services and relationships with the company’s customers, which will help you increase the satisfaction of your customers and the recommendations received, teaching students:
Make a positive first impression
Use nonverbal, paraverbal and verbal language effectively

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Who is This Training For

Customer Care training is addressed to all persons / employees who come into direct contact with the company’s customers and those who want to acquire fundamental skills in providing exceptional services to customers.
By offering your customers exceptional experiences when they buy from you, you can turn them into an extremely effective marketing tool.
When other potential customers hear positive things about your business,

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What Benefits Do Your Employees Get

At the end of the Customer Care Training, your employees will know:
To focus on the customer
To establish a relationship with the client
To “Read” the man, so that he can delight him
To give him the feeling that he is the most important person in the world

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What Benefits Does Your Company Get

Following the participation of your employees in Training, you will acquire the following:
Happier and satisfied customers
More recommendations
More customers
Higher incomes

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How long does this Training last

16 hours of maximum density,

that is, two days full of useful things or,

as needed, several short sessions

stretched for up to a week.

Don't let the time to pass!

In a competitive world, Customer Loyalty is one of the ways to Profit!

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