Temporary Work | Interim

Temporary Work | Interim

By holding experience in the human resource field since 1994, based on the Operation Authorisation as a Temporary Work Agent, issued by the Employment Policies Directorate of Professional Skills and Mobility of the Ministry of Labour, Family Welfare and the Elderly, Job Selection HR provides Interim services by means of Romanian personnel, in any activity field, in view of performing temporary work in Romania or abroad.

Interim is the ideal solution to externalise human resources management in conjunctural or emergency cases registered inside a company, namely:

  • Temporary replacement of a permanent employee whose individual employment contract is suspended, during the suspension period;
  • To perform temporary or seasonal activities or projects that require several days;
  • For providing specialised services for occasional activities;
  • Temporary increase in workload;
  • Lack of infrastructure needed to recruit qualified and experienced staff;
  • Imposing a reduction in the human resources budget;
  • In the case of development or innovation strategies without the guarantee of continuing the respective act;

Integrated Services

  • Personnel recruitment based on the Job Description supplied by the User;
  • Confirming the right candidates suitable for the job, by verifying all the documents supplied by them: diplomas, qualification certificates, references, and criminal record;
  • Informing and revising – together with the future employees – all the contractual conditions provided by the user;
  • Temporary employment of the recruited personnel, by observing all the current regulations related to the temporary individual labour contracts;
  • Registering temporary labour contracts with the Territorial Labour Inspectorate;
  • Payment of salaries and issuing individual payment slips;
  • Payment of the vacation leave according to the legislation;
  • Payment of taxes and social contributions, by observing all the duties towards the Romanian state;
  • Ensure the control of labor medicine at the employment and eventual coordination of the medical examinations requested additionally by the user;
  • Drafting all the modification/termination documents related to labour contracts and their registration with the Territorial Labour Inspectorate;
  • Taking up possible disciplinary relations / sanctions of the temporary employee;
  • Consultancy and assistance in view of obtaining visas/work permits for any country;
  • Assistance related to transport from and to the work place by ticket booking on all transport means;

Temporary Personnel Query

  • Number of interims
  • Salary paid
  • Position offered and qualification required
  • Location
  • Duration
  • Work schedule
  • Special conditions/requirements (if applicable)

For additional information and submission of temporary personnel queries, please send us an e-mail to: services@jobselection.ro

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