Customer Care Training

At Job Selection HR, we know that the best learning process helps to obtain tangible progress both for the participants and for the companies. We have chosen to set our training on the ‘Participant-Centered, Result-Based’ principle.

From our experience, we have learned that, in order to obtain the best results, we must focus on the needs, wishes, fears, issues, and traits of the participants.

If most of the trainings in the market focus on submitting and communicating information, we choose To Train and Transform the Participants.

In our vision, transforming the participants means creating changes in their attitudes so that they reproduce acquired behaviours with fewer errors, higher speed, and under more challenging conditions. According to our goal, participants should act and get better results.

Why Choose Customer Care Training?

Our experience and practice recommend us for the Customer Care Training oriented towards improving the quality of the services and relations with the company customers, which will help you increase the satisfaction degree of your customers and of the recommendations received by teaching the participants to:

  • make a positive first impression;
  • make an effective use of the nonverbal, paraverbal, and verbal language;
  • meet and efficiently part with the customers;
  • provide clear indications and explanations to the customers;
  • create strong connections with the customers in order to increase their satisfaction and loyalty degree;
    refuse a customer in a nice manner;
  • efficiently manage tense situations with irritated customers.

The customer is the main reason for your employment. Supplying exceptional services should not be an accident, but a standard.

Who Is Concerned?

Customer Care Training concerns all the employees that have a direct contact with the company customers and those who wish to acquire basic skills in supplying exceptional services to customers.
By providing exceptional experiences to your customers when they acquire your services, you are able to turn them into an extremely efficient marketing tool. When other potential customers learn positive aspects on your business, chances are that they also become your customers. Professional behaviour leads to general satisfaction – the customers, the employees, and the company.

Benefits Of The Employees Part Of The Training

At the end of the course, your employees will know to:

  • focus their attention on the customer;
  • establish a relationship with the customer;
  • ‘read’ the customer, so that they may charm him/her;
  • give the customer the feeling that he/she is the most important person in the world;
  • make the customer loyal to the brand that they are representing, determining him/her to return and to recommend it to his/her acquaintances;
  • understand and practise team work, for the benefit of the company;
  • understand the need for discipline, accept and apply it.

In an open, relaxed, and interactive manner, but a very applicative one, your employees will learn how to Provide Customer Satisfaction!

At the end of the training, you will have a professional and motivated team, ready to take the market by surprise and differentiating itself by An Adequate ATTITUDE Towards the Customers!

Company Benefits

Following the participation of your employees in the Training, you will gain the following:

  • happier and more satisfied customers;
  • a higher number of recommendations;
  • a higher number of customers;
  • a higher income;
  • a lower number of complaints;
  • an improved image;
  • more responsible employees;
  • reduced personnel fluctuation;
  • employee-oriented organisational culture.

How Long Does The Course Last?

16 intensive hours, namely two days full of useful things or – if applicable – several short sessions up to one week in duration.

Don’t let time pass by! In a world full of competition, Customer Loyalty is one of the ways to Profit!

For more details on this Customer Care Training and on the enrolment, please send an e-mail to training@jobselection.ro

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