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Career Counseling Services

Have you ever wondered why some people do easier things that most people do with difficulty? Or why to some their job suit them like a “glove”, while for others, with the same education, create them stress and unhappiness?
The answer is → the right choice!

Who are we addressing

People without an occupation Unemployed Employees Students

Professional Information

We assist you with information from the labor market, occupational analysis, the evolution of occupations on the labor market.

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Personality assessment

If you are looking for a job, developing the ability and self-confidence is necessary in order to make the best decision about your career.

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Choosing the job

Part of the professional counseling process is training in job search methods and techniques. Thus, we offer you support services for:

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Professional orientation

At the end of the information and professional counseling period, we will give you recommendations for a better professional

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Labor mediation

Mediation services for job seekers are offered free of charge. These services aim to connect employers who have vacancies with those who

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During our experience of over 25 years of staff recruitment for Ocean and River Cruise Ships, we have found that there are many applicants

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Mihai’s story

Personality and skills assessment brought him success and income of 15,000 € / month

“Mihai was a car mechanic. He worked in difficult conditions and had a monthly income that did not meet the needs of the family. Being completely dedicated to the profession, sometimes working 10 hours a day but also on weekends, Mihai could not find energy and time to dedicate to other aspects of his life. For these reasons, Mihai began to be demotivated and to not be efficient anymore at work.

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Evaluation's importance

Today, most people approach fashionable or conjunctural jobs, regardless of their own vocation. For this reason, over time there are frustrations and failures, professionally and implicitly personally.
In order for you not to end up in this situation, but also to find out more

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Evaluation's benefits

• You receive an evaluation report of your personality traits, cognitive skills and occupational interests
• You receive feedback in individual discussions with specialists in the field, regarding the evaluation conclusions

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Who can benefit from the evaluation

• People who do not have a job and want to find a job based on their real competencies and skills
• Active employees who want a professional reorientation
• Students with a minimum age of 16 in order to identify and opt for the

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Personality Assessment

Personality is what makes us unique – it influences our values, interests, how we perceive the world around us and how we learn and develop. It is formed in the first years of life and continues to evolve with us. We evaluate personality by measuring behavioral traits:

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Assessment of cognitive skills

Cognitive skills are individual mental and physical qualities, developed, perfected and applied in real situations and which mediate performance in performing an activity. They make up the instrumental and executive side of the personality. We evaluate cognitive skills by

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Assessment of occupational interests

Each of the 6 personality types Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Entrepreneurial, Conventional reflects the theory that “choosing a vocation is an expression of personality.” About the Occupational Interest Assessment Report:

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Personality and Skills Assessment Report

It gives you an engaging picture of what motivates and interests you
It provides you with suggestions on possible career directions according to your own characteristics, which can influence both workplace performance and the ability to acquire the knowledge and skills needed to achieve performance
It makes it easier for you to choose a career that suits your own features

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Make the first step to a successful career!

Is professionally happiness important to you? What about your professional future?
A validated and accurate assessment, created by experts from several countries, can be a starting point in identifying your skills and in choosing the right career path.
And it can make a difference!


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