We provide training services in view of improving the knowledge and skills of the applicants interested in the jobs of Waiter, Bartender, Cabin Steward, Sales Associate but also for those interested in cruise ship jobs.

Are These Trainings For Me?

  • you work on one of these positions, but you wish to improve your professional level, in view of attaining better results at the work place or obtaining a better job;
  • you are inexperienced in the hospitality field, but you wish to gain knowledge in this field;
  • you hold no qualification or experience in the hospitality field, but you are interested in a professional conversion so that you are later able – based on the knowledge and skills gained otherwise than formally – to apply for a Professional Skills Certificate in the chosen profession.

Cruise Ship Job Training

We are certain that you are one of the millions of people who wish to work in a professional environment, to be appreciated for their work, to earn money that would provide a peaceful life and especially to build themselves a professional career.

One of the professional work environments is on the cruise ships. In addition to earning money, there is also the opportunity to travel, but also to visit exotic destinations, to become friends with people of different nationalities and cultures.

Of course, is not easy to get a job onboard a cruise ship. It is not enough to speak English and not even to have experience on a similar position in Romania.

Everything is different on board. The mentality, the attitude, the determination, and the will are a few of the strong points/secrets of those having been successful on a cruise ship.

If you are willing to try and change your life direction, we can help!

Your first step, which is the most important – maybe even decisive –, is the JOB INTERVIEW.

In order for your first step to be a right one – because your future depends on it –, we will help you increase your chances and obtain a very good result following your employment interview.

The second step will teach you about the profile of the successful employee, who managed to get a job on a cruise ship.

How Will We Make These Possible? 

In a very simple way! By a TRAINING run during two days, we will teach you all of these aspects. We will show you and teach you to become the ideal candidate. We will explain life on board; we will make suggestions on your attitude both in relation to customers, as well as to your co-workers.

We will also conduct case studies and practical exercises in various interactions with the customer, as well as team-work examples.

In a very open and relaxed way, interactive, but quite applicative, you will go through all the aspects that please the customers.
In the end, you will have all the necessary skills to successfully complete the interview for the job you wish, but also to do your job in an excellent manner!

At The End Of The Training, You Will Know:

  • how to appear for an interview;
  • how the interview works;
  • which are the qualities sought by an employer in a candidate;
  • how to focus your attention on the customer;
  • how to set a relationship with the customer;
  • how to ‘read’ a person, so that you can charm him/her;
  • how to give a person the feeling that he/she is the most important in the world;
  • how to make customers loyal to the brand that you are representing, determining them to return and to recommend it to their acquaintances;
  • how to understand and practise team work, to the benefits of yourself and of the company;
  • how to understand the need for discipline, accept it, and apply it;

Last but not least, your spirits will be different and will leave you highly confident in yourself and in your capacities!

Make this first step today and apply now for this training, which is guaranteed to change your future!

I would like to apply for a Training

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