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What Are Temporary Jobs | Interim?

Temporary jobs are a benefaction for the modern society. People are less and less willing to work eight hours a day or on a long term. 17% of the European Union workers are part-time employed.

The persons expressly seeking temporary jobs are young graduates, unemployed persons, inexperienced persons, as well as persons over 50 years old.

Temporary work is used not only as a flexibility and access tool to a work place by youngsters, but also as a manner to reintegrate adult workers who have been excluded from the labour system.

Temporary work is an advantage for persons not holding any qualification.

Which Are The Benefits Of The Temporary Employee?

  • Permanent Contract Perspectives

Your temporary job may open the way to a permanent work place, inside the same company. A permanent position may soon be registered at your current work place and – as a temporary employee who has already gained experience –, you will surely hold an advantage against other candidates. Your temporary job will help the employer get to know you and assess your performances. Generally, companies would rather employ a person with whom they have already worked in the past: someone that they can trust and that they know will make the optimal choice for their organisation and position.

Consequently, there are chances – given the permanent work opportunity – for the employer to offer work to the temporary employee rather than select external candidates.

In the USA, approximately 72% of the temporary employees receive permanent job offers inside the companies that they have previously worked in, on temporary positions.

  • A Decent Salary

The temporary-job salaries are usually identical to the permanent-position salaries. Consequently, a temporary position will provide that financial comfort that allows you to be more selective with the permanent work opportunities envisaged.

A temporary employee holds an advantage before less experienced candidates in need of training.

  • Networking Opportunities

A temporary position provides the opportunity to build relations with the other team members. A solid contact and reference network may provide new work opportunities or even pave the way to your dream career.

A good set of references gained from your contact circle refreshes your CV. The temporary positions help you fill those empty spots in that CV. Temporary work experience is quite appreciated by employers nowadays.

  • Practising Skills

Unused talents will go rusty. Whether dealing with your usual field or with a totally different industry, a temporary position means practical work experience, valuable in terms of employment in a market that has grown to be more and more competitive. A temporary opportunity helps you improve your skills, but also add new ones to your portfolio, while staying up-to-date with the market trends and requirements.
A temporary position may also help you find your true calling. The only possibility to do that is trying a sufficient number of work experiences to gain a wide range of skills and to find your strong points.

  • Flexible Schedule

Temporary work allows you to choose the periods and volumes of works, by proving your adaptability and fast-learning skills.

As a temporary employee, you have full control over your career and time – you may take professional breaks and you may dedicate more time to your personal preoccupations. Although lacking a permanent work place might concern you at first, you will soon discover the flexibility and the freedom provided by a temporary contract. If you wish to let go of stress, focus on your interests and passions, spend more time with your family, or simply sail away from the daily rut and acquire a deeper perspective on things, temporary work is the perfect solution for you.

  • Confidence Boost

You have a reason to wake up in the morning, you earn money, you learn new things, you build your contacts… all these make you feel a more accomplished person, boost confidence in your skills, in your future. A temporary position is a better solution than sending countless CVs or knocking at several doors without any definite answer. Well, you cannot expect a temporary position to automatically turn into a permanent contract. Even so, you still win. Temporary work provides competitive salary and benefits, challenges, opportunities to learn, diversity, flexibility, and freedom.

What Is Offered?

  • Temporary labour contract signed with Job Selection HR, based on the Authorisation as Temporary Work Agent issued by the Employment Policies Directorate of Professional Skills and Mobility of the Ministry of Labour, Family Welfare and the Elderly, on a determined period, with the possibility of renewal;
  • The salary is similar to one of a permanent employee for a similar position;
  • The payment of salaries is guaranteed according to the law, through the bank guarantee deposited by Job Selection HR with Banca Transilvania;
  • The costs regarding employment are supported by Job Selection HR: labour medicine, labour protection, transport to and from the work place;
  • The accommodation is provided free of charge;

Which Are The Requirements?

  • knowing the language of the country where the open position is registered – conversational level (if the open position is abroad);
  • Certified studies in the field (if applicable);
  • Relevant experience in the field;

Interim Jobs | France

Persons experienced in the field, speakers of French:

  • Kinesiotherapists
  • Doctors: all specialisations
  • Nurses

Additional information about the Interim Jobs and employment procedure, send us an e-mail at: services@jobselection.ro

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