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Job Selection Corporation is authorised according to the current national and international rules and regulations for Seafarers personnel recruitment for jobs onboard cruise ships:


By recruiting personnel for cruise ships, Job Selection Corporation makes the efforts to identify the human resources holding an employment potential with the partner ship owners/employers.

Recruiting the applicants with an employment potential is made via advertisements or social media, with the website including information, general collaboration conditions, as well as contact and feedback possibilities. The recruitment is conducted via phone, e-mail, or Skype or directly at the registered address of the company.

The assessment of the applicant skills means using specific tools and methods to determine the level of professional knowledge and skills. The requirements considered for the minimal level of skills are those specified in the legislation, in the requirements of the potential ship owners/employers and in those specified by Job Selection Corporation.

Main Skill Assessment Criteria

  • studies
  • job-specific skills
  • I.M.O. – STCW’95 courses, required in the case of seafaring personnel
  • professional experience
  • communication skills in English, attitude, performance during the interview, etc.

Recruitment Process Stages

  • Recruitment of potential applicants who meets the conditions required by the ship owners/employers, based on the criteria supplied and on the Job Description.
  • Filling-in the Seafarer’s Application Form or the application form specific to the ship owner/employer by the applicants.
  • Verifying the validity of the documents supplied by the applicants: Seaman’s Record Book and license, I.M.O. courses, STCW’95 certificates, references, criminal record, etc.
  • Organising the interview at the registered address of the company, in other locations, upon the request of the employer or on Skype.
  • Confirming the applicants accepted by the ship owner/employer and setting up the list of the personnel waiting for an embarkation date.
  • Coordinating the performing of the specific medical checks required by each ship owner/employer and adding the needed documents to the file.
  • Supplying all the information related to employment conditions, to work conditions, and to life on board by the ship owners/employers and submitting them to the accepted applicants.


  • When validating the list of the applicants accepted after an interview, details regarding the boarding date, the ship, the port of call for each future employee are to be received from the ship owners/employers. Also, other data related to the employment conditions that should be known to the future employees is requested/received.
  • After a confirmation related to the boarding agreement under the set conditions from the ship owner/employer and from the future employee, legal employment endeavours are started.
  • The future employee will undergo a full medical check at an authorised medical centre. If the conditions required by the ship owners/employers are found not to be met following the medical checks, then this person will be informed and removed from the waiting list of a boarding date. If the result is positive following the medical checks, the boarding procedure will follow.
  • After the medical check, the future employees will follow the specific boarding visa and the possible transit visa-obtaining procedures.
  • The future employees sign the Labour Contract only after having been declared fit to work and after having obtained the necessary visas depending on the employer/ship owner in the country or on board.
  • Job Selection Corporation invites the future employees to start the boarding procedure: verifying the availability and validity of the documents, training specific to the conditions of the ship owner/employer, submitting the plane ticket and all the data related to the flight, if available together with the location of the boarding.
  • Prior to the departure, all the documents and the items needed for boarding, followed by the check list signing, will be verified together with the future employee.


Job Selection Corporation provides assistance to all the employees embarked onboard a ship belonging to a cruise companies partner by identifying and settling various situations arisen:

  • during the contract, all the unexpected situations or those considered important are communicated to the family (accidents, contract extension, flight delay, etc.).
  • assistance in view of repatriation or in other emergency cases.
  • only when Job Selection Corporation holds a Manning contract with the ship owner or upon the express request of the latter, the employees have their activity monitored during the entire collaboration period, namely: all the efforts of the company related to the assessment/assistance of the employee in maintaining skills, verifying documents as to their validity (passport, seaman’s record book, visa, STCW 95 certificate, etc.) upon entering the contract, scheduling in view of starting a new contract.


  • These services are provided with a fee – if applicable – only to persons who seek additional assistance and who are employees or former employees of a cruise company:
  • C1-D USA visa application: online application form, document verification, Consulate scheduling, etc.;
  • Re-employment requests after an interruption period longer than 6 months;
  • Re-employment medical check scheduling;
  • Plane ticket booking and purchase at seamen rates.


Job Selection Corporation does not charge any tax or commission for recruitment services for jobs onboard cruise ships.
Prior to boarding, the future employees will incur expenses, part of them being reimbursed on board, depending on the employer.

The detailed expenses may be viewed in the Frequently Asked Questions | FAQ

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