Career Consultancy

Job Selection HR provides information, consultancy, and professional orientation services, as well as training to the applicants seeking to increase their success opportunities in a selection interview, in view of their employment.

The career consultancy services are:

Professional Information

  • supplying information regarding the labour market, occupational analysis, training possibilities;
  • providing information on positions, contractual conditions, salary and promotion, conditions imposed by employers;
  • assessing the candidate potential by analysing his/her psychological profile, professional interests, identifying objectives in view of establishing the steps to be taken in his/her career;
  • identifying the work places provided by the employers;
  • publishing the work places and their occupation conditions.

Professional Counselling

  • identifying and formulating the objectives of the candidate;
  • individual counselling based on the personal development principle that involves an increase in the candidate motivation to make a professional decision independently and responsibly;
  • assessing and self-assessing the personality in view of professional orientation, identifying and developing skills and boosting confidence in view of making the best decision regarding the candidate’s own career;
  • establishing the steps to be taken in order to select the job/profession for employment or professional training and drafting the individual action plan based on counselling and tests performed;
  • information and presentation techniques at employment interviews, in view of attaining success.

Professional Orientation

  • assistance in choosing the best education or training opportunities in view of own personal and professional development, reorientation to another profession or specialisation, assistance in view of choosing a work place adequate to the experience, skills, and requirements of the candidate;
  • testing professional skills.

In order to benefit from career consultancy services provided by Job Selection HR specialists, send us an e-mail to office@jobselection.ro

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