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Asian Labor Force Recruitment

We know why you got here.
You want to maintain or grow your business and you are looking for loyal, serious, educated and experienced people.
The reality is that there is no employer who does not have issues with the lack of staff.
Romanians leave the country to search higher salary and professional satisfaction. This is one of the main problem that employers are facing. And the phenomenon of migration is increasing, the staff deficit is affecting so many companies that they are forced to stop the business. Thus, Job Selection is an opportunity for you if you want loyal employees, educated in a system that respects the people and their job, namely, the Asian education system.


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Asian Countries

India | Nepal | Indonesia | Sri Lanka | Vietnam | Philippines

Fields of Activity

We Recruit and Place | We Rent or Lease | Asian Workforce for Any Field of Activity

Why choose the Asian Staff?

Provides Stability

Asian staff provide stability within the company because they come to work long term.

It Offers Seriousness

Staff recruited from Asia are often more disciplined, more serious and respects authority, a feature specific to Asian culture.

Access to Young and Educated Staff

The vast majority of the South Asian population is largely made up of capable, professional, educated, highly skilled and talented youth in many fields.

They are Financially Motivated

Asian workers are satisfied with the salaries offered by Romanian employers, because there are higher than those offered in their countries of origin, and working conditions are better.

They are Efficient

Asians have a high yield during the work schedule, being willing to work

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Ensures Increased Productivity

They are able to offer exceptional results in the fields in which they act, sometimes in a shorter time, without compromising the quality of the work performed.

It has a Great Capacity for Adaptation, Integration and Accessible Communication

Many Asians have worked in other countries, experiencing different cultural and work experiences. They have a linguistic background that includes languages of international circulation, especially English, which helps them to integrate quickly and efficiently in economic activity. Unskilled workers easily acquire the jobs they have chosen, work hard and collaborate very well with their superiors.

Why choose us?

We take care of you so you can take care of your business
We have over 25 years of experience in recruitment, with a young, motivated, professional team that offers good and honest services.
Our mission is to help our partners grow, progress and have professional staff.
We know that you don’t just want a vacancy to be filled, but you want a team member who is loyal, hardworking and who adds to his or her potential.
We identify with the needs of your company and we do our best to be satisfied with the services offered.
We start the recruitment process by understanding the needs of your company and what you are looking for in an employee.

We take care of all the necessary formalities for the recruitment process.        We offer mediation in any situation throughout the contractual period.

Advantage! You can rent the labor from us in the form of Staff Leasing.
The Asian Staff will be on our payroll and you will pay an invoice for Services!

We bring you the Asian Staff in Romania

The Recruitment Process

Signing the Asian Personnel Order Contract
Creating the candidate’s profile together with our consultants

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Immigration Services

All the necessary formalities regarding the immigration services for the future employees, namely: obtaining visas, obtaining work permits and

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The Entire Process Duration

The entire recruitment process and the formalities for bringing the Asian staff to Romania take approximately 90 days from the moment of

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Now you know the advantages of using the Asian workforce and you have an idea about its recruitment and hiring process. If you are

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Stop thinking!

Hiring Asian staff is fashionable.
Solve your staff shortage issues now!

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