Our story

Who we are

Based in Brasov, Job Selection puts people and companies in a win-win partnership, offering companies human resources recruitment and evaluation services, staff leasing, navigating staff recruitment and customer-care training, and all those who are looking for a job, career consulting and counseling services, mediation services, personalized trainings and jobs.
Do you represent a company? Our services reduce the time required for your staff to hire a person and ensure that will bring the right person to your team. We are your “lawyer” on the labor market and we will help you to attract the best people. Breathe easier, knowing that you

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What do we do

For over 25 years, we have been changing people’s lives for the better!
To all those who believed and trusted us. And with their help we grew up too. In other words, we are constantly looking for, advising and training talented, hardworking, motivated people, with a positive attitude, eager to evolve and develop, to build a career. For over 25 years, we have been dealing with the needs of companies: professional, specialized recruitment or personnel! We put people and companies face to face!
In other words, you take care of the business, we take care of you!

How do we do

Through a careful and rigorous selection, with professionalism, respect and trust, we help people to find the right job, to work in a professional environment, at international standards, with decent salaries and to fulfill them professionally.
We work for you, dear partners. Each new recruitment is a challenge for us, a new opportunity to demonstrate that we can stay at the same high level and that we can create projects that will help you always be one step ahead of the competition. Our consultants manage each recruitment process with professionalism, tact, care and openness so that the success of recruitment is quickly demonstrated by the candidate’s activity and, in the long run, proven by the value he / she adds to the hiring company.

Our mission

To contribute to the fulfillment of the objectives of our partners by approaching the most important capital of any company: the human
To support the development of sustainable and prosperous communities, to understand the needs of our clients and to help them reach their maximum potential, to offer safety, consulting and easy-to-use services

Our vision

To be the preferred business consultant regarding the specific needs and practices of Human Resources
To highlight the most important resource:

The Human Resource

Company values

Trust: we are dedicated to open communication, we manage our relationships with our partners with seriousness, honesty and ethics, always offering the right solutions for their needs.
Respect: our partners are always respected and valued
Professionalism: recognised by employers and which gives us their trust
Innovation: every day, we pay attention to people, anticipate their needs and respond to them by creating something according to expectations
Winning attitude: we are focused on the goal of reaching the best and we always ensure the highest quality standard of our services
Partnership: we work and collaborate with our partners in a team, capitalising together on the opportunities presented. We listen carefully to the needs of our clients and candidates, offering in time the best solutions they need. We dialogue and learn from differences of opinion to be more efficient together

Certifications | Authorisations | Accreditations

Authorised partner Great People Inside ™ – Solutions for Human Resources Evaluation
Authorisation issued by the Ministry of Labor, Family and Social Protection as a Temporary Work Agent – for Staff Leasing
Accreditation issued by the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection – AJOFM Brasov for Information and Carrer Counseling Services
Accreditation issued by the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection – AJOFM Brasov for Labor Mediation Services

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Short history

In 1994, I put into practice an ambitious project that at first was just a beautiful dream. But, with passion, work and perseverance, we have developed and consolidated every day, diversifying both the clients portfolio and the services portfolio, so that today, Job Selection becomes a strong brand, recognised nationally and internationally.
Job Selection, is the first recruitment services company in Romania for the hospitality / cruise industry, the imagination of those who benefited from our services giving Brasov the “quality” of being the second port city in Romania, without opening to the sea.

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Keep up to date with the news!

If you are a Company you can be constantly informed about our Recruitment Services, Personnel Leasing, Human Resources Assessment or Training. If you are a candidate looking for the best opportunity for your career, find out first what jobs we recruit for, about the promotions for Career Counseling / Assessment of Personality and Skills or the Trainings we organize.

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